Welcome to the Communication Law and Policy website of ICA.


The Communication Law and Policy Division is interested in research and analysis of law, regulation, and policy that deals with information, communication, and culture. Defining policy broadly, the division includes within its purview: principles that should or do underlie law and regulation, proposals for new law and regulation, and the programs and institutions through which policy is implemented.

Every step of the legal process is of interest: policy implications of the results of research
on information, communication, and culture; development of policy proposals; the nature of policy-making and policy implementation processes; evaluation; effects; and critique.

The division's scope is global, presenting work that focuses on individual nation-states,
localities, or regions; comparative studies; and international and global law. The Division welcomes work dealing with policy for the medium (the architecture and technologies of the global information infrastructure) as well as the message -- and the interactions between the two. Since so much decision-making with structural effect now takes place outside of formal legal structures, the Division is also interested in private sector policy-making. No theoretical or methodological constraints.



    ICA CLAP Division 2014 Business Meeting and Reception

    The Division annual business meeting will take place on Sunday 25 May 2014 at ICA2014. It will be held between 16.30 and 17.45 in Kirkland, at the Seattle Sheraton.

    The business meeting will be followed at 18.00 by the CLAP annual reception.

    C. Edwin Baker Award Winner Announced

    The division congratulates Yuezhi Zhao, the winner of this year’s C. Edwin Baker Award for the Advancement of Scholarship on Media, Markets and Democracy. The Baker Award recognizes work that has made significant contributions to the development, reach and influence of such scholarship. Yuezhi will present some of her work at an upcoming ICA conference session on micro-blogging, media and democracy in China. 

    ICA Seattle 2014 Top Ranked CLAP Paper Awards

    Congratulations to the authors of the top-ranked papers in the division for our forthcoming Seattle conference.  These are Hsin-yi Tsai and Johannes Bauer (Michigan State University) for their paper on Effects of Public Policy on the Quality of Broadband Services: A Comparative Analysis of Internet Download Speeds and Douglas Allen (U Penn Annenberg), who wrote a top student paper titled, Defining a Journalist: Freedom of the Press in the Age of the Citizen Journalist.